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Dear Mama, do you struggle with parenting? Are you struggling to connect with your children? Do you Homeschool? Do you feel overwhelmed by where to start with your Homeschool? Do you lack a judgement-free safe space to share your struggles?

If you've nodded away to these questions, then Mama you are in need of Nurturing Mamas - a unique online village helping you navigate through your Parenting and Homeschool journey!

Check out our courses below or why not join our membership to access all these courses, membership support, coaching calls and more!

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

"I am so glad I have joined nurturing mamas and Ramadan ready course, it's probably the best treat that I have given to feels like I have my soul sisters around with whom I can share my worries, they will encourage and comfort me when I doubt myself... Jazakallah Khair Maryam and Hafsa for all the efforts and love." - Naila
"I've found Nurturing Mamas really is there for me as a mother- it's full of daily check ins, helping me with my mindset, intentions and struggles in parenting and homeschool, including a social media detox challenge every week. Being a homeschooling mama is so rewarding but can be draining in a lot of ways but by being in this group I really feel supported and nurtured - it feels like there is always a friend there ready to help me when I need it. And to also give me a push in the right direction, to take care of myself as well as my children! There have been some great topics being discussed as well through live videos (and I really love the printable handouts we get with the videos- so useful!)" - Hena
"I usually feel overwhelmed with trying to prepare for Ramadan and my brain tends to overflow with ideas that's why I decided to take this course alhamdulilah it's given me plenty of time to prepare so I don't feel the pressure. It's just the guidance I needed and alhamdulilah just knowing I have a space and sisters to turn to for advice who have more knowledge and can support me is the best part alhamdulilah. Thank you Hafsa and Maryam for preparing this course and delivering it to us to benefit. May Allah reward you both, Ameen." - TZ
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