Nurturing Mamas – the Village we all Need!

Nurturing Mamas is that village you wish you had when you first became a mother. Nurturing Mamas is that safe space you wish you had when you were starting homeschooling. Nurturing Mamas is exactly what we as the founders needed for ourselves when we began our parenting and homeschooling journey.

nurturing mamas

It is essentially a community, a membership group that encourages you to grow as a mama, a homeschooler and a woman. In order to do this, we need to be around the like-minded people to encourage us along the way. Led by experts, Primary School Teacher Hafsa @mamateachesme and Parent Coach + Montessori trained Maryam @nurturing.learners who after their own struggles, took steps to invest in themselves to feel empowered in their lives. Read our Background Story to find out how we got started.  This is our time to give back to the community. As those who serve the community around us through 1-1 parent coaching calls (Maryam) and creating digital plans and Islamic Resources (Hafsa) we have come together to as a duo to help you nurture your self mama. Because if there was one thing we felt, it was that this was missing in our lives when we started our own parenting and homeschooling journeys. You can read more about that here.  Everyone was on their individual journey, getting through their life struggles and stresses all alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact it shouldn’t be this way.

As members of Hafsa Taher’s Circle of Impact (A Paid Private Membership Group on Facebook) ourselves, we have seen how effective it is just being in a group of like-minded people. The impact this membership group has had on us in our own businesses, has encouraged us even more to believe in the importance of Nurturing Mamas. Individually, Maryam and I can only work in our own capacity and skill-set on our personal businesses, but together we are combining these very skill-sets and businesses to bring you something so unique that we truly wish it existed in our early years of parenting and homeschooling!

So what exactly are you getting at Nurturing Mamas?

I hear you mama, you want to know more. You want the details – I’m like that too! So what else are we offering? And the truth is behind the scenes, we are so excited by what we are working on, that we really just need to tell you all too! So here goes:

We are offering you Masterclasses  / Workshops that ultimately empower you in your parenting and homeschooling journeys. With topics ranging from ‘How to parent with Intention and Purpose!’ ‘How to nurture the love of reading in your children!’ How to create a Homeschool Rhythm!’ ‘How to Homeschool authentically & wholeheartedly’ and ‘Nurturing Yourself during Ramadan!’   – You really do not want to miss out!

We are committed to helping you grow Mama just how we wished someone had told us “Things will get easier…” “It won’t always be this way…” “Your children love you as you are, with all your imperfections…” In order to do this, our Membership Group with its weekly accountability helping us to work on our mindset and habits so that we can grow and progress in our parenting and homeschooling journeys.

From Maryam’s experience as a Parent Coach, she believes a lot of the time Social Media and screen time for Mamas is sometimes the root cause of their anxiousness when parenting or homeschool. So to tackle this we plan to level up with our Social Media Detox each week, helping you to be more present with yourself and your children, to focus on you and your family without distractions.                       

In each of our packages we are offering at least 1 coaching call with either myself (Hafsa) or Maryam – these coaching calls are invaluable and bring huge value to each of our packages. Did you know we are offering 4 coaching calls in our annual package? The 4 coaching calls themselves value at over £200! You are saving loads!

We understand how important it is to be nurturing our children in an Islamic Upbringing, but it becomes daunting with the ever-growing resources available to us. I (Hafsa) am passionate about instilling the love of Islam in our children. Since my time in Makkah Saudi Arabia, I’ve started to see what a massive effect environment plays on our children- seems so obvious right? But that’s just it, sometimes we too lose sight of the obvious! With our workshops on Nurturing the love of Allah and the Prophets (as) in our children AND access to limited, half or All of Mama Teaches Me Resources where I create resources I’ve tried and tested on my own girls. When I create my resource, I try to look beyond just a simple worksheet, I want Islam to be FUN for my children and yours too. Nurturing Mamas Membership allows you access to over £200 worth of resources (Pink Package). 

This isn’t just a marketing post, but a genuine understanding of how the need for a group like this in our communities across the globe. As an expat myself in Saudi Arabia, I know exactly what it’s like feeling all alone and isolated in a community you’ve just moved whether that’s moving from the South of England to the North, or literally across the globe to the Middle or Far East! We understand because we have been there. We want to help you by giving back to you and empowering Mamas like you who are willing to invest in themselves to be better versions of yourselves each day. Our group values reflect exactly what we and  Nurturing Mamas represents. We don’t need to be stuck Mamas. We need to take action ourselves to get out of our tricky situations, don’t wait years before it’s too late. Join Nurturing Mamas Today!

Nurturing Mamas – the Village we all Need!
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