Nurturing Your Muslim Child

Nurturing Your Muslim Child with love and conscious tarbiyyah (A 5-Week Online Course)

Do you want to nurture your Muslim child? Do you want to fulfil your role as a mother and nurture the love of Islam in your children? Are you wondering how to teach Islam? Are you wondering how to create an Islamic environment at home?

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the resources/ information out there? Do you browse and scroll social media for activities and books for your children? Are wondering what topics to introduce and at what age? Are you looking for engaging ways to teach Islam to your children? Do you want to learn more about Tarbiyyah at home? Do you want to learn more about Islamic parenting?

Nurturing Your Muslim Child is a 5 week Online Course for Muslim Mamas looking to nurture the love of Islam in their children.

What’s included?

You will get insight into…

Creating an Islamic environment at home for your Children

The importance of Tarbiyyah at home

Islamic parenting and family values

Your child’s rights upon you

Importance of manners, grace and courtesy and how to teach organically

Importance of the no obligation years

Insight into child development and behaviour

Nurturing the love of Allah organically

Connecting children to Allah through His beautiful creations

How to teach Islam to your children through modelling

Guidance, support and practical advice on how to introduce Islamic topics

Practical suggestions and examples of resources, books and activities to use with your children which are age appropriate, adhere to your child’s development and learning style

You’ll learn how to…

provide children with sound Islamic education.

raise a spiritual child who loves Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him).

Be certain of your parenting vision and Islamic values.

Be confident, empowered with your role as a mother.

Use anchor points that your home revolves around.

Be confident with what topics to introduce, how and when.

Be equipped with all the tools and resources you need to nurture the love of Allah

Organically nurture the love of Allah

Be empowered and equipped with all the resources you need to begin
teach the importance of Akhlaaq – manners.

The Online course includes the following workshops:

Week 1 – You are the connection; it begins with you! 

Week 2 – Tarbiyyah at Home

Week 3 – Nurturing your Muslim Child – (Age 1-2)

Week 4 – Nurturing your Muslim Child – (Age 3- 5)

Week 5 – Nurturing your Muslim Child – (Age 5-7)

Additionally, you will also get a full 5 weeks access to the Nurturing Mamas Private Facebook Community, giving you a judgement free safe space to share your thoughts and opinions. You will also get to take part in our weekly accountability challenges which are a real hit with our members. 

What are you waiting for Mamas? Use this opportunity to nurture your child with Islamic Upbringing that works for you and your Muslim Child.


Where will this course take place? It’s an online course that will primarily take place on our Nurturing Mamas Private Facebook Group and Zoom. You will get access to a private portal on the Nurturing Mamas website too!

Who are the Instructors? The instructors are Maryam (@nurturing.learners) – a certified Parent Coach with a background in Montessori and Early Years Homeschool Mama and Hafsa (@mamateachesme) – a former Primary School Teacher and Homeschool Mama. Together we run Nurturing Mamas. You can read more about us here. 

When does it start? The course starts Monday 3rd August 2020 (you get access to our Private Facebook Group from the 1st Aug)  and it ends Sunday 6th Sept 2020. You will have full access to the portal and Facebook Group until 13th Sept 2020 iA.

I am already a Nurturing Mamas Member – Do I still get access? Yes! You get full access to this course including the course booklet within the membership package you signed up for provided it runs until these dates! So you don’t need to pay anything! If your membership is expiring  – get in touch with us via email and we can let you know how to pay the difference.

I love the idea of this course but I’m also considering signing up to Nurturing Mamas – Should I wait until after this Course? If you are considering signing up to Nurturing Mamas anyway, you will save if you sign up to a package as this course comes at no further cost and you’ll get access to much more!

Are the videos LIVE or pre-recorded? Most of our course videos are LIVE on Facebook/Zoom, allowing us to interact with you all to make the experience more wholesome and meaningful. 

Will there be any guest speakers? We don’t have any confirmed as of yet – but if we do we will be updating you all!

Is there a course handout? Yes! There will be a fully comprehensive handout for this course for you to access and print at the start of the course. We’ve designed it in a way to stay as your aid throughout this course iA.

What is the fee? The Course fee is £94 inclusive of the LIVE workshops, course booklet, community space, additional motivational prompts and of course expert advice from a certified Parent Coach and qualified Primary School Teacher.

With a value of over £350 (inclusive of the LIVE workshops, course booklet, community space, additional motivational prompts and of course expert advice from a certified Parent Coach, Early Years expert and Qualified Primary School Teacher) you save when you pay just £350 £94  


NOTE: Once you’ve paid for the course – you will receive an email (Please check all spam/junk folders) directing you on how to register for the portal. Be sure to refresh the page once you are registered. Go to the MEMBER LOGIN tab above in menus and click Courses then Nurturing Your Muslim Child to access your portal (Refresh here) If you have any problems feel free to email us. You will get access to the Facebook Group from August 1st 2020.

Nurturing Your Muslim Child
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