Nurturing Yourself

Nurturing Yourself - Rediscover the Joy of Motherhood

Do you feel drained, exhausted, fed up, stressed, anxious and stuck in a vicious cycle? Do you feel you’ve lost yourself somewhere through motherhood? Do you find yourself falling into the trap of constantly comparing yourself to other mums when you try really hard not to? Do you want to be able to enjoy motherhood, be present with your children and still be able to do things for yourself?


Nurturing Yourself is a course for Muslim Mamas – we support you in nurturing yourself and helping you rediscover the Joy of Motherhood!


What’s included?

You will get insight into…

  • Motherhood Intentions, values & your role as a Mother
  • Transforming Motherhood and redefining your role
  • Universal Struggles of Motherhood
  • Parenting Intentions, Famiy Values & Mission statement
  • Motherhood Vision Board
  • Super mum myth
  • Motherhood legacy
  • Islamic Parenting & Family values
  • Reparenting yourself
  • Healing through Motherhood & Parenting
  • Inner child healing
  • Self love & Self Care
  • Motherhood Triggers
  • Practicing the Pause
  • Who are you Outside of Motherhood

You’ll learn how to…

  • Define your role as a Mother
  • Transform and rewrite your experience of Motherhood
  • Understand your triggers and how to overcome them
  • Tools to Reparent yourself
  • How to heal through Motherhood
  • Bust Parenting myths and the Supermom myth
  • No longer compare yourself to other Mums
  • Feel confident, empowered in your role as a Mother
  • Creating a Vision Board that aligns with your Motherhood Values
  • Own YOUR version of Motherhood
  • Understand who you are outside of Motherhood
  • Rediscover the Woman beneath the title “Mum”
  • Discover the Joy of Motherhood and truly enjoy it
  • Tools to begin your journey of Self love & Self Care
  • How to enjoy motherhood and your children
  • Create a Motherhood legacy
  • Be the woman and Mother your children need
  • Overcome Mum guilt and replace with Self Compassion
  • How to trust yourself, your intuition, instincts and your voice.
  • Rewrite your experience to the past so you can move forward to a new future.

The Online course includes the following workshops:

  • Motherhood Unplugged
  • The Perfect Mum Myth
  • Healing
  • The Joy of Motherhood
  • PLUS Bonus Videos


Watch our short video as Maryam explains the course in further details and reasons why you may want to enrol;


Where will this course take place? The Course will be LIVE videos on Zoom – You will get life-time access to a private portal on the Nurturing Mamas website too. 

Who are the Instructors? The instructors are Maryam (@nurturing.learners) – a certified Parent Coach with a background in Montessori and Early Years Homeschool Mama and Hafsa (@mamateachesme) – a former Primary School Teacher and Homeschool Mama. Together we run Nurturing Mamas. You can read more about us here. 

When does it start? The Course officially starts 11th January 2021 in sha Allah!

I am already a Nurturing Mamas Member – Do I still get access? Yes! You get full access to this course including the course booklet within the membership package you signed up for provided it runs until these dates! So you don’t need to pay anything! If your membership is expiring  – get in touch with us via email and we can let you know how to pay the difference.

I love the idea of this course but I’m also considering signing up to Nurturing Mamas – Should I wait until after this Course? If you are considering signing up to Nurturing Mamas anyway, you will save if you sign up to a package as this course comes at no further cost and you’ll get access to much more – including access to one to one coaching calls, digital resources, group coaching and more!

Are the videos LIVE or pre-recorded? All videos in this course are LIVE sessions with recordings available on the website portal.

Is there a course handout? Yes! There will be a fully comprehensive handout for this course for you to access and print at the start of the course. We’ve designed it in a way to stay as your aid throughout this course iA.

What is the fee? The Course fee is £94 inclusive of the videos, course booklet, and access to the private portal with life time access in sha Allah. 

With a value of over £350  you save when you pay just £350 £94.00 to access this course today.


NOTE: Once you’ve paid for the course – you will receive an email (Please check all spam/junk folders) directing you on how to register for the portal. Be sure to refresh the page once you are registered. Go to the MEMBER LOGIN tab above in menus and click Courses then Nurturing Yourself to access your portal (Refresh here) If you have any problems feel free to email us – we’d be happy to help!

Nurturing Yourself
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