Homeschool Diversity

Homeschool Diversity! At Nurturing Mamas we held a Homeschool Diversity Week to tackle what we need to do to ensure our Homeschools are diverse for our children. We highlighted a few key areas below: How diverse is your Homeschool? As a parent and an educator it is important you look at your curriculum, books, toys […]

Homeschool Rhythms!

Homeschool Rhythms! Are you feeling overwhelmed with Homeschooling? Is your structure or timetable not working for you? Are you wondering how to create a smooth rhythm for your homeschool? Are you worried about not meeting your children’s needs? Have you reached burn out? Do you want to be able parent and homeschool effectively? Do you […]

Kids Activities to try at home!

Kids Activities you can try at Home! With the current world wide pandemic, schools being closed and children at home, Are you wondering what *else* you could do with your kids at home? At Nurturing Mamas, we know how you’re feeling because once upon a time we were there too. Yes, even as experienced Homeschooling […]

Nurturing Mamas – the Village we all Need!

Nurturing Mamas is that village you wish you had when you first became a mother. Nurturing Mamas is that safe space you wish you had when you were starting homeschooling. Nurturing Mamas is exactly what we as the founders needed for ourselves when we began our parenting and homeschooling journey. It is essentially a community, […]

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