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Our Background Story

“Salaam all! Maryam here from @nurturing.learners

I wanted to share our background story behind @nurturing.mamas. The values behind Nurturing Mamas are super close to my heart, not only are they things I struggled with but I felt they are everything that is missing from the homeschooling and motherhood sphere online.

I work as a Homeschool and Parenting coach. The services I offer, are what I craved during my struggles, journey and didn’t want anyone else to feel the same. I was a Mama of two young children and felt overwhelmed, frustrated and super isolated. Through my experience of coaching clients, I felt a great need for this type of membership and support group. My clients all share similar frustrations of feeling overwhelmed, isolated, fearful and lacking support in their role as mothers and homeschooling mothers.

I approached Hafsa @mamateachesme to ask her to join me in this venture to serve our community. There were several reasons why I approached Hafsa. I love the work she is doing and all her fantastic resources. There are so many talented ladies creating wonderful things however I genuinely believe Allah guided me to reach out to Hafsa for a reason. Hafsa’s expertise and skillset complement mine beautifully. We’ve been working together behind the scenes and she is a gem to work with alhamdulillah! We hope to show up and serve our community in the best manner. We can’t wait for you to be part of our village! We understand your struggles, worries and fear because we are you!”

“Salam everyone, Hafsa here from @mamateachesme. When Maryam asked me about to collaborate on this venture, I was very pleased. When we began discussing the groups core values and vision, I knew this was something so needed in our online space and here are some reasons why. I’ve been living in Saudi Arabia for over 4 years now and as an expat, moving to a new place and community as a new mama, is really difficult. With no family support and no village, and still settling in to finding new friends can be really daunting when you have two young children. I was blessed to have known a friend of a friend who opened doors to a whole community of expats who, I realised, literally need one another to really survive – a village of support. I’ve always been so passionate about community building, a quality my parents instilled in us since we were young. So I decided to set up a playgroup here locally which allowed us as mamas with children under 5 to get together and get to know one another in a place where life can feel so isolated – especially if we are homeschooling. Overtime, I noticed mamas were concerned about their children’s education. Some lacked the knowledge, awareness and confidence in homeschooling their children. This is what drove me to set up a Teaching Tips course here and then I followed up with this online too, aiming to reach a wider audience. But I feel Maryam’s approach to parenting as a Parent Coach and her background in working to help mothers, were the perfect combination of skills to compliment my own. So with each others support, ideas, time and effort combined, I believe we are able to bring you all something truly unique and much needed.”

We truly believe the time has come to take back our power as mothers. Parenting and homeschooling is a collective responsibility. We need to bring back the village we all need to parent and homeschool together. The strain parents suffer comes from our attempts to do what it takes a village to do – without the support of a village. Mothers need nurturing and mothering too!

Founding Members

Who we are?


I am a mother of two, a Montessori teacher and a certified parent coach One of the questions I’m often asked is How on earth did you start all this? For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed sharing my passions, peeves, and points of view with others around me. Motherhood, and homeschooling has added immense value to my life, and I love having the chance to share my ramblings, experiences and journey with others in the pure hope it may be of benefit🙂 I have a BA History specialising in middle eastern history. I continued with post graduate studies in education and Montessori teaching. I always have my face in a book during my free time! I’m a Montessori teacher and a certified parent coach. I support, guide and coach homeschooling parents to empower them to create a joyful and authentic homeschool. I work with parents to help them to truly connect with their children, heal, break generational cycles and build wholesome relationships with their children. I’m super passionate about holistic parenting and education and truly believe in nurturing the whole child and parent! You can also find me on Instagram - click on the image above for more!

Nurturing mamas


I'm Hafsa, a former Primary School Teacher turned Homeschool Mama 🙂 I'm mama to 2 girls, originally from London and currently residing in Saudi Arabia! Some of you may know me from @mamateachesme where I usually share our home school journey, teaching tips and my new passion to create educational resources that I feel are missing in the Muslim Community. I studied Religions at University (although I'm a Historian at heart) and then went on to complete my PGCE in Primary Education in London and continued teaching for another 2 years up until I got married. Soon after the girls were born, we moved to Makkah, Saudi Arabia alhamdulillah. I ran a playgroup for the local expat community and then a private Nursery here in my home for a short period of time and ran a few workshops in teaching for the local expat community. My expertise lie in my passion for teaching and of course my own teaching experience as a former Primary School teacher and being able to plan a curriculum catered to my child’s need rather than fitting them around the curriculum. I'm passionate about incorporating Islamic learning into the foundations of children’s learning. I feel all children should and can LOVE to learn. I want to help you OWN your homeschool.⁠ You can also find me on Instagram - click on the image above for more!

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